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Ten years after the death of a wealthy patriarch and the mysterious disappearance of his adopted daughter, family members turn on each ot...[more]

Julie R. Ølgaard, Justin Ray, Shelby Lyon, Emily Anila Shah, Evan Boymel, Mike Maolucci

Genres: CrimeRated: Not Rated

Layer 41

A police detective follows a trail of evidence in search of a serial killer in Los Angeles. Matters become personal when they eventually ...[more]

Luciano Saber, Ivan Sergei, Richard Burgi, Masiela Lusha, Peter Dobson, Krista Allen, Dominique Swain

Genres: Action, Thriller, CrimeRated: Not Rated


Havana 1957—sin capital of the world. Mafia nightclubs, sex, drugs and gambling. A young cop witnesses a murder and must decide if he wan...[more]

Jim Purdy, Juan Riedinger, Elisabetta Fantone, Paulino Nunes

Genres: Drama, CrimeRated: Not Rated


Two twenty-something Americans spending a summer in Buenos Aires meet a beautiful American girl who reveals a stash of illicit money hidd...[more]

David Martin Porras, Sophie Auster, Wilson Bethel, James Jagger

Genres: Action, CrimeRated: Not Rated


When a convicted drug smuggler leaves prison after 22 years for one youthful mistake, he just wants to start over and obey the law. But, ...[more]

George A. Pappy, Jr., Kenny Johnson, Erin Daniels, David Marciano, Brad Dourif, Rainn Wilson, Christian Stokes, Michael Sheen, Laura San Giacomo

Genres: Action, Drama, CrimeRated: Not Rated


Agent Tom Brindle (Hutton) is called to Barcelona, Spain to track down the notorious serial killer known as Pygmalion, who kills his vict...[more]

Bryan Goeres, Timothy Hutton, Fernando Guillen Cuervo, Dominik Garcia-Lorido, Miguel Angel Silvestre

Genres: Action, Thriller, CrimeRated: Not Rated


When home grown Sheriff Charlie Dexton of tiny Wrightsville, TX investigates his first murder at the local diner, he ends up finding more...[more]

Adam Pertofsky, Gil Bellows, William Atherton, Melora Walters, Mike Starr, Charles Napier

Genres: Comedy, Thriller, CrimeRated: R


Dan (Max Herholz) is an ambitious 30-something who wants to use his genius math skills for something other than his boring office job. Da...[more]

Michael Kinney, Max Herholz, Camden Brady, Kofi Natei

Genres: Thriller, CrimeRated: R


Vacationing couples come across a drug deal gone bad.

Mark L. Lester, Judd Nelson, Tricia Helfer, Louis Mandylor, Sandra Vidal, Deborah Zoe

Genres: Thriller, CrimeRated: R


On New Year's Eve, a Russian mob boss has invited family and friends over for his retirement party. But his counterparts in Russia don't ...[more]

Sergey Bodrov, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Vladimir Mashkov, Lesley Ann Warren, Dean Stockwell

Genres: Thriller, CrimeRated: R