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Gordon Family Tree

Gordon Family Tree is an inspiring story about a man from a prominent family who inexplicably walks away from his unfulfilling job and discovers what he loves to do can make a difference in other people’s lives.

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Guide, The

This hunt would have been like so many others for buck tracker Joe Dawkins. He awaits the arrival of Greg, a lawyer whose failures fuel an obsession for advancement at any cost. Greg has hired Joe to win a wager made by his boss that would secure a promotion he otherwise would never see. The peace of the woods no longer exists for Joe. He is haunted by guilt over his wife's death a year ago when he refused to abandon a monster buck track to return to her side. On his way to the hunt, Joe disc... More

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Life's an Itch

A married man reaches the point where he questions everything: career, creativity and even his marriage. Hilarious complications and temptations arise when his wife invites her open-minded (and very sexy) yoga instructor to stay in the guest house while she’s away on vacation with the kids.

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